LGB Model Trains Through Time

Published: 04th May 2010
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A look at LGB Model Trains through time can provide an interesting insight into the history of the world during the times each model was developed. This is because the onset of these model trains being offered to the public was a reflection of how trains affected the lives of people. It also a reflection of how people romanticized real life passenger trains at the time. At times in both Europe and America passenger trains have been marks of both technology and sophistication.

The LGB Model Train originated in Germany in the year 1910. The trains were invented by a known inventor named Ernst Paul Lehmann. LGB Model Trains are the most popular brand in the world for G scale model trains. The G scale or "garden train" as it is known is 1:22.5 scale. This is one-twentieth of the size of a real train. For a while the LGB was one of the few companies who even produced G scale model train.

The name LGB is an acronym for Lehmann Gross Bahn. Translated from German it means Lehmann Big Train. From the beginning LGB Model Trains quickly established itself as the leader in the world for G scale model trains. The company has long been the most popular producer of the G scale amongst G sale model train enthusiast. LGB Model Trains have been designed so they can be left outdoors year round. This is because they are waterproof and built with great durability.

Then LGB Model trains made their way across the pond to America. By the 1980's LGB Model Trains were being made in California. When the trains began being produced in California so did the trend of collecting garden trains or G scale model trains.

In the 1990's the LGB multi-train system was developed. This is where two trains can be run on just a single track. This has drastically increased the options for LGB Model Train layouts. It also makes it possible to reduce the space being used for LGB model train layouts.

Today if you are looking to collect LGB Model Trains there are few accessories to choose from. To date there are 150 freight trucks and passenger carriages which have been produced. This is far less than the offerings of other model train brands.

In addition to there being few LBG accessories to choose from they are also more expensive. Although there are few items in the LGB line and the price of them is higher than other model trains you can find them almost anywhere model trains are sold. It is not difficult for a model train store to obtain the parts you might be looking for in the LGB line if it is not already on their shelves.

Although the company has had recent financial struggles, LGB Model Trains are still being manufactured in both Europe and America. New models of the LGB Model Trains are being developed today. The company seems to still have many pages left to write in regards to their legacy.

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